I love CARS!!!  Having owned Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Corvette, Acura, and Porsche…I had the good fortune of driving spectacular cars and SUVs.  For me, 0-60 and taking turns without braking was my Nirvana.  Cars were just that for me, I needed nothing else from them.

Don’t get me wrong, I love fast cars!  However, they need constant pampering.  I fret about rock chips, bugs, tar, parking lot dings and scratches.  In Canada, I would only drive them in the summer for about 4 months.  Otherwise, they sit in my garage, hibernating from October to June, under a silky car cover with a trickle charger.  No machines ever lived a better life than my cars!

Over time, I found a need to ‘refresh’ one of my cars.  This was when I decided to discover for myself what the hub-bub was about for pickup trucks.  Following my new mantra of doing counter intuitive things, and after much deliberation, I purchased a 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad.

I fell in love with my Tacoma on the test drive!  The high sitting position, the visibility, and the utilitarian usage had me smitten.  I don’t worry about people dinging the truck in a parking lot; other people worry about my truck dinging them.  Totally awesome!


The truck is the Superhero of my motor world!  It allowed me to carry mulch to create weed free tree beds in my yard.  I was able to load up tree branches after a storm to the city dump.  It can tow pretty much anything that is in my world.  I feel so…invincible and omnipotent!  (Sinister laughter)


Then I discovered the Tacoma can take me wherever my eyes went…mud, hills, rock, ditches, moguls, grass, trees, and water.  I decided to take on McLean Creek outside of Calgary!  An off road destination built to test Off Road vehicles.

Just outside Bragg Creek, there is a General Store that carries food, camping necessities, and private shower and toilet facilities.  Across and up the road from the store, is Mclean Pond which is stocked with trout for fishing.  There is a well kept Reservations Only Campsite before you reach the Off Road Facility.

The entrance welcomes you with an ALL MUD PIT!  There is a hill after you enter that looks like a 30 degree incline, but feels like 45 degrees when you are climbing up and down the hill.  The Tacoma climbed it in 2WD easily.

McLean Creek Off Road Trails runs for miles.  Getting through the mud, mogul, water, and bumps will reward you with these views.  Priceless!  As long as you are not susceptible to motion sickness as it is a jostling and bouncy journey.

I don’t know how I ever did without a pickup truck, but there is no way I could live without my Tacoma now!

If you are a city slicker like me, think about a truck!  It will rock your world!


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