Just look at THEM!

Sitting there taunting me.  Ugly barbed leaves radiating from a central stem of Medusa-like yellow flowers and bulbs.  They laugh at me as their yellow flowers morph into fluffy parachutes, and float away.  Only to land elsewhere in my yard, and re-clone themselves, grow, and propagate the process…again and again.

Dandelions are unstoppable!  They are the definition of vegetation perfection!  They don’t need water.  No fertilizer.  No seeding.  Survives in all temperatures.  Thrives in any soil conditions.  They exert their biological will upon everyone’s lawn!


In my kingdom, the price for being a Dandelion is DEATH…by Herbicide!  All I have ever known is their death.  I did not care for the environmental casualties of my horticultural war with this weed.  I knew that the chemicals would run off with irrigation and precipitation, and into our drinking water.  But that is the only way I knew how to deal with Dandelions.  See one.  Spray it.

After much reading, I decided to prevent their proliferation.  By limiting Dandelions, I apply less herbicide, and thus, minimizing environmental impact.  My new strategy: 1)Grow the lawn longer making it hard for the Dandelion fluff to land and grow, and 2)Reduce soil exposure by covering up the Tree and Flower Beds.

Instead of using expensive Weed Fabric, which doesn’t decompose to improve soil conditions, I use everyday Cardboard.  Cardboard decomposes to enrich the soil, and it’s free.  Just ask your local Grocery Store.


Cut up, and overlap the Cardboard to cover up the soil.  Remember to leave an opening around trees, shrubs, and flowers to allow for water to reach their roots.  Wet the Cardboard throughly, and then place 3 inches of Mulch on top.  Water the Mulch, and tamp down with a rake.  It’s that easy!

This will choke out weeds and grasses in your Garden Beds.  It cost you nothing except your time, and sweat.  But you get that back, as you don’t have to dig up the weeds and grasses continually.  This method is good for the environment as you used degradable waste material, and use less herbicide while achieving a beautiful yard!  Give it a try!



Make sure you wear your sunscreen as you enjoy your lawn!


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