Words to live by when you are ‘young’:  Travel and see the World!!!!

I did not follow my own sage advice.   But I am going to go BONKERS to catch up!

When you have a large ‘Travel Bucket List’ like me, it is daunting to decide what to cross off first.  So easy to travel to destinations that are close; and locales that I am accustomed to living as a blessed Canadian.  But not this time.  Not for this cowboy!

Lady Luck would find me an online Air Canada flight deal in February from Calgary to Tokyo for $700 Cdn all in…YESSSSS!   First piece of the travel puzzle in place.  Next piece of the puzzle is the accommodations.   Hmmm…which hotel now?  Let me see…Bam!   Memory flash!  I remember seeing a piece on Capsule Hotels ages ago on TV.


Capsule Hotels houses patrons in a modern architectural interpretation of bunk beds.  Bulkheads from floor to ceiling with two holes/capsule excavated allowing one person to crawl onto a mattress above, and one person below.  Each Capsule has basic electric amenities like TV, Wifi, lighting, temperature controls, and an upward rolling screen to seal the capsule for privacy.

However, after much contemplation, I declined the Capsule Hotel.  Too claustrophobic.  Too tight.  And how do they clean out those hard-to-reach Capsules?

So I chose to stay at FIRST CABINS, TSUKIJI!


It’s a newer concept for solo travellers or budget travellers in Japan.  Bookings are about $35 Cdn per night.  It’s fantastic for those who don’t plan to use a hotel except to crash.  Who wants to spend time in a typical $250/night hotel, when you are in Tokyo?   Too much to do…and eat…in Tokyo!  Spend your money in Tokyo, and not on your accommodations!


Compared to Capsules, there is so much more space…and it’s clean!  There is TV, 120 V outlets, USB outlets, and AC.  The hotel also provides you every night with disposable toothbrush, toothpaste, disposable slippers, pajamas, soap, shampoo, conditioner, dryer, disposable shavers but…no FLOSS!  Oral Hygiene is what separates us from the ANIMALS!

The showers and toilers are enclosed and private.  All facilities from Cabin to Bathroom facilities are very clean considering their communal usage.  Better than any hostel, and possibly some hotels.

You do have to pack up every morning, and check back in every evening.  They store your bags for the day.  So pack light.

So go ahead and try a First Cabin in Tokyo when you have a hankering for Japan, and enjoy the most memorable and novel experience unlike any hotel or hostel!



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